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Polar T31 Coded

The Polar T31 Coded Transmitter comes with an elastic chest strap.  It is positioned on the chest and used to measure heart rate and transmit that data to a wrist unit or other computer receiver to provide useful heart rate and training information to the user.  It is ECG (electrocardiogram) accurate as well as being fully water resistant to 100 meters, so it is great for swimmers and for use in inclement weather.

This model is designed to provide great comfort and is touted to be slimmer and lighter than its predecessors by about 25%.  The primary feature distinguishing this model from the Polar T31 is that the Polar T31C is a coded transmitter.  This means that it is designed to prevent interference from cross-talk from other transmitting electronic devices.  This can become important if you work out in gyms or around others who are using heart monitors.

The Polar T31 Coded does not have a user replaceable battery, which may be considered a drawback by some.  But the unit is specified to provide for as much as 2500 hours of battery life.  That would be the equivalent of five years of operation for 2 hours per day and 5 days per week.  Some indications that the transmitter may need to be replaced include: the heart symbol no longer blinks, the reading for the heart rate either no longer displays at the receiver or just stays at long duration on the same value.

Taking into account the low price tag of about $45 to $50, I would think most people would consider that a pretty good value when it becomes time to purchase a replacement.  Polar products also come with a 2 year International Guarantee (free from defects, does not cover the battery).

Polar does offer some recommendations on care of the Polar T31 Coded Transmitter.  This includes washing with mild solution of soap and water regularly after using, then drying using a soft towel.  Always dry the transmitter after use, otherwise moisture or sweat on the electrodes may cause the transmitter to stay activated thereby reducing battery life.  Store in a dry and cool location (not in a plastic bag or other container that may trap moisture).  To avoid damage, do not stretch or bend or otherwise handle in a rough manner.

User Reviews of the Polar T31 Coded Transmitter
Consider the summarized comments from users below if you are thinking about purchasing this product.  Of course, be advised that individual experience will vary.

The Polar T31 Coded Transmitter is popular choice among exercise enthusiasts and appears to be well regarded for its accuracy, comfort and performance.  Priced only slightly above the non-coded Polar T31, this would be a good product for those likely to use the transmitter in gyms or around others where cross talk interference may occur.